Discover nature with a family activity!

Reservations are mandatory

In the spring and fall, come enjoy free guided family walks at the Fernand-Seguin ecology centre. These walks in the forest, featuring various themes and guided by experienced naturalists, provide comprehensive insight into nature, wildlife and plants. These walks are free and made possible with the cooperation of the city of Châteauguay.


SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, MAY 4th AND 5th - If you wish to discover the avian fauna courtship during the breeding season, this guided hike is definitely recommended. Participants will discover impressive facts, surprising rituals and fascinating birds !


SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, MAY 11th AND 12th - Families are invited in a quest to discover the ephemeral treasures hidden at the ecological centre. Discover the frail spring beauty that makes this park an enchanting place to be !


SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, MAY 18th AND 19th - Old and young alike will learn how to identify reptiles and amphibians through their distinctive sounds. Nets, containers and magnifiers will come in handy when learning trapping techniques related to observation and identification of species !


SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, MAY 25th and 26th - Families are invited to discover the secret world of insects and the importance of their role in nature’s balance and harmony. Nets, containers, magnifiers and identification guides will be used in order to explore this fascinating world !